Sets of outdoor furniture

Solid wood swing for backyard personalized.
This category of products is usually addressed to those who have a protected and adapted space (pavilion, pergola) for this kind of furniture, because, depending on the model adopted and the wood essence used, a chair can reach a weight of 90-120 kg and a table a weight of 200-500 kg. For an easy usage, these products are provided, on demand, with appropriate wheels. Specifications for each order can be very diverse, in terms of wood essence, table top shape and thickness, table and chairs design, the number of seats or benches, etc. and dimensions (length, and width). Both the tables and chairs or benches can be customized, but they can also can be encrusted with various materials or objects marble, stone, metal, Elements floral, etc. that may have a decorative or functional. The command can be customized using the ordering form but equally descriptions or drawings and photographs.

Solid wood swing for backyard