Wooden houses and furniture

We make wooden houses and customized furniture. Also if you want sets of outdoor furniture and coffe table, your imaginations is our limit

wooden chairs with  three legs
wooden chairs with three legs

Chairs and coffe tables

In our gallery you can find functional items of furniture with an emphasis placed on the decorative appearances. and coffe table
In this section you can see our three legged chairs, unique coffe table and pub furniture

Wooden structures

Wood structures, like wooden playhouse is the pièce de résistance, the landmark piece of landscaping, Because wood can be divided into specific shapes and architectural elements. We want to offer you the solution to have the perfect place to spend a special evening with friends or family in the privacy of your own garden. These constructions can be made of wood only, with a pedestal made of stone or concrete, of wood with partial brick or stone walls, or the construction can even incorporate older existing construction. The cover can be made of shingle, roof tiles, or other adapted products.

Wooden playhouse
Wooden house
Wooden pavilion

Outdor funiture

Do you desire to personalize your backyard?
Or, do you want your children to be happy with our full sized playgrounds made of wood?
And, of course, for all family to relax in our wooden swings.This is the perfect category to look if you want outdoor furniture

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