Solid wood swing for backyard personalized.
Addressed to those who have a protected and adapted space (pavilion, pergola) for this kind of furniture, because, depending on the model adopted and the wood essence used, a chair can reach a weight of 90-120 kg and a table a weight of 200-500 kg

Chairs can reach a weight of 90-120 kg

Table can be 200-500 kg

Dimensions (length, and width) can be customizable


Bneficiary chose the essence or type of wood garden swings are made of, how to finish that can be varnished or painted, how it is covered, such coatings. It can also make customizations using wood or other material, such as stone, metal, plastics, etc., can also create support for different uses, flowers, glasses, etc.

Maxim length 2.9 m

Width 2.20 m

The swing weight can exceed 300 kg.


Slides and swings sets made of wood, are created exclusively for children. Therefore, great attention is paid to the finish, thus reducing to minimum the possibility of child injury

Quarantee is of at least 4 years

The sliding surface can be wood or plastic

Great for children's playground